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Childcare Options Available

  • Full Time  (Monday – Friday, 07.30 – 18.00)
  • Full Day 07.30 – 18.00
  • Morning Session 07.30 – 12.45
  • Afternoon Session 12.45 – 18.00
  • Before and after school care
  • Holiday club

We have four playrooms, which are...

Baby & Toddler (sleep & play)

The baby and toddler area consists of two rooms that the children can move freely between. One room is dedicated to sleeping and quiet time and the other is specifically designed to stimulate and encourage the children to engage in a variety of activities.

The Key to Success...

Each child will have a key person, a member of our team who will be their primary care giver and with whom you can share information about your child's needs and day-to-day activities whilst they are in our care.

Your child's key person will play an essential role in providing a sense of familiarity and security for your child whilst they are in our care.


The everyday routine in the baby and toddler area is designed to be flexible to work around the needs of even our smallest children and it is important to us that your baby's individual needs are planned for. Your child's key person will discuss your child's needs with you and help you complete an entry record that covers your child’s typical daily routine, including meal times, sleep times, active times and quiet times so that the transition from home to nursery is as smooth as possible.


Physical play is important to encourage the transition from crawling to taking those all-important first steps. Push and pull toys and sit and ride toys help them to become independently mobile and allow them to safely explore the world around them. Fine motor control is promoted through the use of simple threading and posting activities, mark making activities, the use of large construction toys and so on.

As your child starts to become more independent and gains self-confidence we concentrate on developing their language skills. This is achieved through a range and variety of exciting and stimulating activities, indoors and outdoors, and developing social skills by learning to share, take turns and caring for others.

The team give support and model good behaviour for children to follow and develop at their own pace. Different types of activities, play and opportunities are provided to keep them continually interested, excited and motivated to learn. Helping them to develop awareness about their views and to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.

Pre-School room

The pre-school room is a large, bright and airy space where the children can engage in a variety of activities. This room leads onto our outside-in room that is used for messy play and active play, this room also has access to outside play areas.

Pre-school room aims to build on the success and the many things children already know and can do. We provide activities, indoors and outdoors, which stimulate their curiosity and desire to learn. The needs of our children are identified through observation and discussion with you and are met through planned and spontaneous individual and group activities.

Before and after school care & Holiday Club

Our before and after school and holiday club provides a safe and friendly environment for children to play, make friends and have a great time.

We have a fantastic team of highly trained and qualified staff who thoroughly enjoy spending time with children and are dedicated to creating new exciting games and activities. We do all we can to ensure the children in our care have a wonderful time and genuinely enjoy being with us.

We offer a school pick up and drop off service from several local schools in the area so you can be sure that your child is in safe hands.

Holiday Club

Children can choose from a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities such as art, crafts, trips to local parks, museum and art gallery visits or they can choose to chill out and watch their favorite film. Whatever they decide the emphasis is always on having FUN!

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