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Developing creative concepts that can work across multiple digital channels

EF Englishtown was EF’s digital-only English language learning product. With 1000’s of teachers based around the world, they are the largest online English school in the world and offer a premium learning environment with a large customer base in South America.

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In the spring of 2013, EF Englishtown wished to convey to current student and potential new users, a major update to their online learning platform.

I was asked to work on a creative concept that would work across multiple digital channels, and be globally accessible to EF Englishtown’s varying markets (EMEA, ASIA, US and Latin America).

My role was the management of the creative execution; directing a team of designers, photographers, copywriters and front-end developers to develop digital assets, which would run on social, email, and through PPC marketing.

Assets developed included a video advert, photo-shoot, eDms, and several digital assets for acquisition.


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