Passionate about creating simple yet innovative experiences for users.

I’m a dynamic digital professional with 15+ years of digital experience in defining and managing the UX process from concept, research,  and ideation to completion. 

Finding comfort in combining UX design with initiative design methodologies, I’m motivated by challenges and enjoy providing clients with integrated digital solutions.

Key areas of responsibility

  • Crafting custom UX strategies and implementing effective processes that align with client requirements and are informed by extensive customer and industry research.
  • Representing the customers’ perspectives throughout the entire journey and product lifecycle.
  • Actively contributing to discussions, formalising UX principles, and shaping overall product strategy.
  • Collaborating with clients, product owners, and key stakeholders to ensure that projects consistently align with business goals, objectives, and KPIs.
  • Maintaining a clear understanding of the desired outcomes and guiding the project in a direction that effectively supports and contributes to the overall success.
  • Working seamlessly alongside creative and development teams to ensure a cohesive design experience.
  • Experienced in team management, motivation and leading digital teams to success.


My expertise in digital marketing strategy includes the following:

UX Strategy: Discovery (user research, analysis and opportunity), creation (usability and user-centred design), management, forecasting results, and optimising delivery.

Product Development: Taking creative ideas to digital commercial success, via UX and visual design, content design and messaging, and the production of first-class systems using a number of coding foundations.

Digital Channel Development: From ideation to technical implementation, marketing strategies, and monetisation, I specialise in the end-to-end development of diverse digital projects. This includes content marketing, large-scale product development, mobile applications and responsive websites.

Global marketing: Working in all global regions (EMEA, US/MX, South America, Asia, Russia) to develop strategic global campaigns; also the development of region-specific marketing, pricing, and offer testing strategies

Optimisation and analysis: Channel and conversion path optimisation (working with multi-channel attribution modelling); as well as reports on ROI and LTV.

Team Management: Managing, mentoring and motivating creative, production and development team’s day-to-day; building solid framework of team collaboration and knowledge share.

Project management: From start to finish; installing processes and effectively managing projects early and under budget (including outsourcing and managing multi-location teams).

Budget management: Management and execution of marketing / production budgets (from start-up to circa £1 million+) – constantly exceeding KPIs, ROI and objectives.

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