Kitsch Kandy Clothing

Celebrate Individual Style And Tomboy Fashion With Kitsch Kandy

Where personal style should be just that - PERSONAL.

Kitsch Kandy Clothing is for all the tomboy’s at heart. They’re focused on those whose style and personality does not conform to the traditional thoughts of society (women and femininity, males and masculinity). They also believe your personal style should be a reflection of your inner self, as opposed to covering it up. 

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Social media content production

Producing bespoke content was an ongoing effort as part of our social media strategy. I aimed to produced original content with social influencer and mutual fashion networks.

Pushing products was always the primary consideration when it came to our social presence, while maintaining integrity in the culture. Finding this balance was sometimes a challenge.

Triggered Emails

Encouraging shoppers to purchase, thanking them, and offering them discounts along the way.

Content marketing strategy

Our marketing budget wasn’t big so a core feature to our digital presence was content marketing strategy, and the development information magazine which could sit alongside the website.


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