Kitsch Mix Magazine

An Online Platform Fostering Community & Creativity Amongst LGBT Women

A rapidly growing social platform is a rapidly growing social platform developed to promote the diverse creative ventures of women in the LGBT community.

The site was established in response to the demand for lesbian social visibility, celebrating the inspiring women within the LGBT community and promoting their talents and ideas. The heart of this is KitschMix’s social networking community, which allows members to communicate, share ideas, seek support, make friends and feel included. This community is also the primary audience for the vibrant KitschMix blog.

The brand already boasts a network in the hundreds of thousands, with an estimated reach of well over 10 million.

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As KitschMix continues to grow, so do the number of topics we cover and the way readers access our content. Many readers visit the website directly or subscribe to their RSS feed, daily emails or Twitter and Facebook pages. 




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