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EF Englishtown is a digital-only English language learning product. The platform has always had a significant footing in the online English language learning industry. However, as a product it sat outside of the global product landscape associated with EF.

In 2014 we decided to move the digital landscape in a new direction, not only adopting the new visual language that correspond with the global visual norm that was developed for EF, but moving to a new content management system (Adobe Experience Manager / CQ5).

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This was a massive challenge to undertake. EF Englishtown was active in multiple countries, all of which had their own website, which was delivered in multiple languages.

The new site needed to mobile-ready and be built on content management system which could be operated by local marketing teams. This involved rethinking the architecture, usability, and delivery of the content system in line with the business’ goals.



Training and Rollout

The result was to build components, which would allow the teams to build their own site pages, micro-sites and landing pages. These components could then be A/B test, run and analysed within the system itself.

Each team was given the foundations, but it also meant training them to take ownership of their marketing approach, a move which shifted production away from central control. 

Teams needed to re-trained and local native designer, copywriters, translators, and frontend development units where established in each country to help push forward the work.

My role was to lead this development, and bridge the gap between development and marketing needs. I was tasked with establishing digital brand identity for global rollout, development of UX strategy (prototyping, user testing, a/b testing), and managing the development of digital asset, and establishing new members to digital and marketing teams.


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