Design Thinking for Your Next Digital Project

Try this design thinking approach to evolve your next digital project

Whether it’s part of product development, process improvement, service design, user experience, or to address other complex business challenges, more and more leading companies are embracing the design thinking framework to reinvent their business, improve their customer experience and digital interactions, and expedite digital transformation

Resolve challenges with the user at the centre of the solution

Any creative user experience (UX) designer can hang out a shingle and call themselves a design thinking consultant. Similarly, any talented development and engineering expert can recommend or build a technology solution to address your challenges. But are you sure your digital needs are the same as your customers’?

That’s where design thinking comes in. A design thinking framework uses a combination of collaborative thinking, brainstorming, ideation and creativity to get to the real root of your business problem — from the customer’s perspective. Using this process, design thinkers generate a range of potential solutions, and can even oversee prototyping and testing. This way, everyone can agree that the recommended digital strategy solution is the best one (for customers and for the business).

Digital strategy and design thinking together leads to outcomes

How do you really know which design thinking workshops or design thinking consultants work best for your business? A great design thinking service is also a full-service digital consultancy. It has all the experience with integrated tools, technologies, platforms and applications that are needed to help companies do business better.

Digitising your business also involves optimising the customer experience in a very tangible way. A digital strategist like me takes on a design thinking approach that leads to real outcomes. The aim is to understand customer journey mapping, along with the systems, platforms and technologies that underpin your business. The ideal position to deliver the best, most intuitive and most customer-friendly technology solutions. And that’s what digital transformation is all about, isn’t it?

Get the most out of design thinking and technology innovation

Blending and upgrading technical competencies, digital technologies and user experience as your organisation evolves is the cornerstone of digital transformation. It sounds easy, but it can actually be tough to do. When the technology-first mindset is replaced with a customer-first mindset using a design thinking problem-solving model, the technology becomes better, the user experience becomes better and your digital transformation does what it’s supposed to do. It solves your business problems, makes your business more efficient, and takes customer satisfaction and brand loyalty to new levels.

Inspiring possibility with design thinking

As a design thinking and digital consultant I have always leveraged design thinking to inspire possibility for some of the world’s most exciting brands and deliver amazing digital solutions. It’s just part of my DNA to collaborate with partners using a design thinking approach. My design thinking helps clients understand, ideate, validate and build professionally designed, innovative, customer-centric and engaging digital experiences.

But even though I’ve always offered design thinking services, I’ve only just begun spotlighting this unique capability. Take a look at my design thinking consulting services  page. There you can learn more about my design thinking workshops, my design thinking services and how I integrate design thinking into the problem-solving process for my digital strategy clients

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